The Scorch Trials- James Dashner (BOOK REVIEW)

From having watched the film of this before I thought it would be rather similar in terms of events however this is very far from it.
The book is very different from the film but I must also add that it is so much better. James Dashner creates a book which shows that WICKED are not finished with their trials for the Gladers and have shown that there was another maze just like theirs which have a second group known as Group B. Not only this but Teresa is gone and they don’t know where she is.
As the fight through Cranks, a city and other monsters you are able to feel the way that the Earth has gone since it was effected from the Flare and that they must get to the Safe Haven in order to get themselves cured. As a result of this you start to feel scared for the characters and continuously wonder what is going to happen next. Also you will get more questions that you just need to find out the answers to.
This book is very fast paced and once you pick it up it is hard to put down and will make you want to read The Death Cure right after to see what happens next to Thomas and the others.


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