The Neverending Story (1984) FILM REVIEW

The Neverending Story is a fantasy film from 1984 which has become a cult classic since then. The film is about a boy called Bastian who steals a book from a bookstore and decides to read it only have the world that he is reading about come to life.

While reading he finds out that a boy called Atreyu is having to travel to find the princess of their world Fantasia in order to try and stop the end of their world from the darkness that is The Nothing. The Nothing is where the forgotten dreams and those who no longer believe in the stories that are told end up and are consuming their world. From this you start to get scared about the characters that you meet and start hoping that everything will be okay in Fantasia as well as wonder what would happen if the nothing does happen to take over their world.

The film is full of sadness, adventure and action which will make you want to watch more and get you involved with the film from the very beginning and get you interested about what will happen further on in the film. There are however, things that do leave questions for the watcher such as “what name does the princess get” seeing as the boy shouts it out to the storm so you are no longer able to hear what he says, you are also left wondering if the boy stays at the school all night as that’s where he starts reading the book and you see him in the same room throughout the film and finally you are left wondering what happened to the book after Bastian had finished reading it? Did he return it to the books owner that he initially stole it from.

However, this is a good film for children as well as adults and one I would highly suggest that you watch. I give this film overall an 8/10


Movie Trailer:



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