Ip Man (2008) FILM REVIEW

Having decided to have a movie day I looked at what films on Netflix I have not seen before and came across the film Ip Man.

This is a biography film based off of the life of the martial artist himself and what his life was like during the invasion from the Japanese in World War 2. As you watch you are able to see how the Japanese treated the Chinese and how they wanted martial artists to fight for them and against them to prove their dominance.

This film is spent half before the Japanese invaded and half after they invaded so that you are able to see what Ip Man’s life was like and how it all changed because of the Japanese invasion as well as how his family also had to deal with the ordeal.

This film is filled with action from the start and one that I never realised to begin with was a biography film which made it mean so much more by the end and realising that this was based off of a real story, also to find out that this was based off of Bruce Lee’s trainer. This film does have subtitles so if you are not a fan of them then I would suggest giving this film a miss, however this is very insightful and a film that I wish I had found out before.

I give this film a 10/10 and would highly recommend giving it a watch.


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