The Death Cure- James Dashner (BOOK REVIEW)

The Death Cure is the final book in the Maze Runner series and it does not disappoint!
The book shows what the world has become like since the flare has taken over and shows what the rest of the world’s population is living like due to the Flare having taken over and how a lot of the people are taking the drug “Bliss” in order to not show the symptoms of the flare. Not only this but you get to see what happens to the people who do have the flare from inside the safe cities that the everyday person has come to live in.
However, WICKED has still not disappeared and want Thomas back as their final candidate for the final trial in order to get the last thing they need for the cure!
Not only this but you get introduced to an organisation called The Right Arm who wants to take down WICKED by any means necessary in order to get more safety for those who are not immune. While WICKED are gathering more of the immune in order to create another version of the trials.

This book is fast paced and shows a lot more about the world that Thomas and the others did not get to live through (or at least that they remember). It also shows more of how the Flare makes people change from the very beginning to The Gone. Throughout, you are left with worry and excitement from reading and with every chapter are left with the question “what happens next”. James Dashner has the right amount of emotion for this book and ends the trilogy in a way that feels closed and makes you as a reader feel contempt.


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