Fluke- James Herbert (Book Review)

Having read Ash from James Herbert before and liking his style of writing I thought that this would be written the same way in terms of pace etc. however I was wrong.

This book is written in two parts with the first part of the book as Fluke as the dog he is and adjusting to life around him even though getting abused and hurt at what seems like every angle. Where as the second half of the book is him looking for answers about his previous life and how he died and why this man who he keeps seeing in his memories are connected.

As this is from Fluke (the dogs point of view) it shows life the way that he sees it as well as you are able to see from other animals and what they are saying to him and effect his life not only as a puppy but growing up. From this book you also see that reincarnation can happen and sometimes it is only fragments of your life that you are able to see but which leave you with more questions than answers which this book does explore.

Personally, I found this book really hard to get into and found myself struggling to even pick this book up. There was a few parts of the book I did like but overall I just felt a little bored and really not connecting with the story at all. For me the best part is finding out about the former life of Fluke and how this man from his memories is connected to him which is found in the last ten or so page.


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