Passengers (FILM REVIEW) 2016

Passengers is a film which I wanted to see in the cinema however never got around to, so today I got it on dvd and decided that I would share my views on this movie which start Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence.

The film is about a space ship which is on its way to a new planet and holds thousands of people on board who are sleeping until they get there. However, due to a disturbance in space wakes a man up who is played by Chris Pratt ninety years too early. From here he is alone on the ship with only an android as company until he wakes up a woman who he falls in love for who is played by Jennifer Lawrence. From here you see their love develop and the troubles which also undergo the ship and threaten to destroy them.

From the way that this movie was shown in trailers it was very different to what I was expecting and was more of a love story than it was made out to be. However, from the way that the film showed the love story it brought you more into the story and made you more interested in both of the characters and the love between them as they are the only two awake on the ship. The action was also well done however, for a story of which it was I feel like it should have been more throughout the film rather than more towards the ending.

This film is good though and one which I will be watching again.

I give this film a 7/10!


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