Pirates Of The Caribbean- Dead Men Tell No Tales (FILM REVIEW- 2017)

Being a Pirates of the Caribbean fan I couldn’t wait to see this film and see if it lives up to the expectations that I had. This being the fifth installment and the last (?) Pirates of the Caribbean film staring Johnny Depp as the famous Captain Jack Sparrow as well as two new characters we had not come across before; Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites) who we find out at the very beginning is Will Turner’s son and Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario) who plays a girl trying to find out more about her father and hoping that the stars will lead her to him.

This film is a good ending to an amazing series of films (lets just ignore the forth one) and one that I am already excited to see again. With the usual cast we get to see all of our favourite characters and follow them along another adventure which has humor as well as the action which we all enjoy. With seeing how Will Turner’s son ends up and following his story it feels like the end and one that we all needed to see in order to find out the real way that part of the story ends.

This film also shows a new pirate who is after Captain Jack Sparrow by the name of Captain Salazar who wants revenge on Jack Sparrow after making his ship sink. Not only this but at this time you also see how Captain Jack Sparrow becomes a captain and why certain items have such significance to him, giving a much greater understanding of Jack’s character.

The ending (which I will not spoil for those who have not seen it) has such a good twist and makes you feel emotional for one of the major characters. I am so glad that it ended the way it did showing a more emotional side to the characters and as well as having a reunion with all of the main cast.

I personally loved this film and I would go as far as to say one of m favourites in this five part series. If you like Pirates of the Caribbean and especially the first three then I suggest that you give this a watch as you will not be disappointed.

I give this film a 9/10!!


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