Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment – James Patterson (BOOK REVIEW)

Having read the book when I was younger and then seeing the film adaptation I decided to give this another read.

This book is very simply written and with page breaks every 3-4 pages which does get annoying as the chapters could be longer and carry on like how it has done but with adding a new chapter in between it. The book is written in a way in which most people don’t talk as well and makes it harder to care for the characters that you are to care about such as Max herself.
However, there are good things about this book such as the powers that the children develop and leaving you wondering things about the children that are not in this book and will be revealed later in the series (I am guessing). It does also have some good action in it which will leave you wanting more however the fighting parts of the book seem so small and you barely acknowledge the action at all.
The book is also in six sections which help you to know where in the story that you are, however I feel that the book didn’t need to add different sections like this due to the way the book has been written which follows off very easily from section to section.
I feel that this book would be better for younger readers rather than an adult audience. However it has left me wanting more so I guess it has done it’s job well. I would say for a book about an experiment on children this is unique as it is different than a lot of books I have read.


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