The Girl On The Train- Paula Hawkins (BOOK REVIEW)

Having heard a lot of hype about the book and the film I decided to read the book, I am grateful that I have not watched the film yet and that no-one had spoiled this for me.

This book is about a disappearance of a woman named Megan and trying to find out what happened to her and how her disappearance effects those around her.

I found this book really well written and made me keep wanting to read more to find out more of the mystery that is surrounding Megan. Not only this but I found it refreshing that the book was written from the perspective of three different strong woman, by doing this it made if different from those of its kind. It is also great that you do see the story from three perspectives; Megan from before she disappeared, Anna a woman who is married to Rachael’s ex and Rachel herself which is the main person that The Woman On The Train follows.

As the book does follow a woman who has difficulties in her life like being hung up on her ex; an alcoholic and someone who is without a job you start to really feel for her and as the story more develops you can’t stop reading to find out more about her and the story in general.

The twist at the end of the book as well was really well thought out in my opinion and one made the book feel complete and how the book should have finished. As well as made you wonder how you never thought of it before.

This was such a good read and I am excited to read more from Paula Hawkins.


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