Boys Don’t Cry- Malorie Blackman (BOOK REVIEW)

Looking in a book shop not long ago I saw a Malorie Blackman book I hadn’t read before, having just read the Naughts & Crosses series I fell in love with her writing and started writing almost immediately.

Boys Don’t Cry is about two main characters Dante and Adam. Dante is a teenage boy who is just leaving high school when his old girlfriend arrives at the door with a baby which she says is his and then leaves. For Dante this is a a curse and he will have to change his life in order to put up with an unwanted baby he has now been dumped with. However as you go further through the story you see the love for this child develop and how he is learning to deal with the addition to his life as well as making sure that his child is going to be with him and not taken away by social services.

Adam is his brother that you also see throughout the whole book and at times hear from directly him, he is a boy who is a little younger than Dante however he is out and proud about being gay and his lifestyle about it. You also see that he is starting to like someone however this turns into a violent affair for him and you see the mental damage this has on Adam throughout the book.


I found this book really good to read and very different from your usual book where you see usually a girl with a new baby and them adjusting. It was amazing seeing this from another perspective, however I do feel like there is more that could have been shown about his new life with his daughter and that is missed a lot of crucial events. It is also good to see the effects Adam has from being gay and how bullying effects everyone and as a planet we still have a lot to learn and go through to make the world right for everyone.


I did at times however not see the point in the book overall, I feel like the story had no real significance which was rather annoying for myself however I am glad that I read this book.


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